Montag, Oktober 21, 2002 (All day)
Titel:He's Alive
Song:1. As It Was, So It Shall Be
5. Dont Care Where You Been Sleepin Video suchen
6. Willing to Heal Video suchen
9. Jesus Is Lord Of The Way I Feel Video suchen
10. Have Chosen You Video suchen
12. Brother of the Son Video suchen
Dienstag, August 10, 1999 (All day)
Titel:Grace on Grace
Song:1. From Out of the Blue
2. Time for My Friends Video suchen
4. Prepare the Way Video suchen
7. I Love Your Presence, Lord Video suchen
8. Soul Peace Video suchen
9. Blessed Is the Man Video suchen
10. Call Nobody Here Your Teacher, Child Video suchen
11. Come Unto Me Video suchen
Freitag, März 1, 1996 (All day)
Song:1. Jesus Is Lord of the Way I Feel
1. Jesus Is Lord of the Way I Feel Video suchen
4. I Could Never Promise You Video suchen
9. Adam, Where Are You? Video suchen
Donnerstag, Juli 14, 1994 (All day)
Titel:Genesis And Job
Song:1. Overture (Genesis & Job)
1. Overture (Genesis & Job) Video suchen
2. All The World He Made Is Good Video suchen
3. For A Man To Be Alone Video suchen
4. What Have You Done? Video suchen
5. The Ballad Of Cain And Abel Video suchen
6. The Death Of Methuselah Video suchen
7. And Noah Found Grace Video suchen
8. Tower Of Babel Video suchen
10. Job's Lament Video suchen
11. Cold Comfort Video suchen
12. Job's Defiance Video suchen
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Don Francisco - Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer


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Gruppen: Don Francisco

Adam Where Are You?
As It Was, So It Shall Be
Beautiful To Me
Come and Follow
Don't Want To Be Late
From Out Of The Blue
Give Your Heart a Home
GoD And DoG
God's Reply
God, Job And The Devil
Gotta Tell Somebody
Grace and Faith
Grace on Grace
He's Alive
I Believe in You
I Don't Care Where You've Been Sleeping
I Have Chosen You
I'll Never Let Go Of Your Hand
Love Is Not a Feeling
Morning Prayer
Open The Eyes of My Heart
Since I Met Him
Step Across the Line
The Rule of the Spirit
There Is No Condemnation
Too Small A Price
Walking Wounded

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